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Scientific Program Travelling Fellow Program

Oct. 18th. 2018. Thu.

Room Time Title Name
Room C 14:42-14:48 From Systematic Review to the Development of a Clinically Relevant Osteoporotic Metaphyseal Fracture Animal Model for Bone Healing Enhancement Mechanistic Studies Wong Ronald Man Yeung
Room C-1 17:06-17:12 Dual Antiplatelet Medication and Timing of Hip Fracture Surgery Seth Tarrant

Oct. 19th. 2018. Fri.

Room Time Title Name
Emerald A 10:36-10:42 Alternated femoral neck cut for short metaphyseal stem is suitable and reliable for Asian population Jithayut Sueajui
11:30-11:36 Effect of surgical duration on outcomes of total hip arthroplasty Seung-Min Youn
Emerald B 11:06-11:12 Total hip arthroplasty after failed treatment of proximal femur fracture Tomonori Tetsunaga
17:30-17:35 Unsintered Hydroxyapatite and Poly-L-Lactide Composite Screws/Plates for Stabilizing B-Tricacium Phosphate Bone Implants Akio Sakamoto
Room B 14:40-14:45 Addition Of Dexamethasone And Ketorolac To Lignocaine Intravenous Regional Anesthesia (Bier's Block) To Improve Tourniquet Tolerance And Postoperative Analgesia In Hand And Forearm Surgery Syed Faraz Ul Hassan Shah Gillani

Oct. 20th. 2018. Sat.

Room Time Title Name
Emerald A 10:30-10:40 Validity and Responsiveness of the 2-Minute Walk Test for Measuring Functional Recovery after Total Knee Arthroplasty Aasis Unnanuntana
10:40-10:50 Three-dimensional Computed Tomography Analysis of the Posterior Tibial Slope in 100 Knees Jade Ho Pei Yuik
Room B 11:00-11:05 Volar Locking Plating(VLP) versus Percutaneous Kirschner Wires (K‐wire) for distal radius fractures in a young and middle‐aged adult population: a meta‐analysis Keran Sundaraj